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Name Change

2009-01-23 13:42:16 by TheDeathReaperIsBack

I Pm'd Tom requesting a name change.. im changing it to PotNoodles

What do ya'll think?


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2009-01-23 13:55:35

Better than your current.

TheDeathReaperIsBack responds:

Yea i agree...


2009-01-23 14:02:11

I wanna change my name as well, it was a cool idea at the time but it's just stupid now.

TheDeathReaperIsBack responds:

Not for me.. my name sucks, i hate it...


2009-01-23 16:34:29

It'll never happen. You need a higher level and more submissions, posts, and B/P points.

TheDeathReaperIsBack responds:

Well maybe you need to think about the concept of the realisation of the eternal inflamation of the gums? no?

quiet squidward, im being the crane.


2009-02-01 14:58:00

wow thats sad lol

TheDeathReaperIsBack responds:

Thats what she said! OOOH! L33T SUPA H4X0R!